Letters to the Editor

Are you a New Year's Eve celebrant or terrorist?

Are you a terrorist? Is it your practice to shoot a weapon in celebration on New Year's Eve?

Every year I hear the sounds of gunfire going off in "celebration" of the new year. I think that anyone caught discharging a weapon in celebration is committing an act of terror and should be treated as a terrorist. They don't seem to care that a bullet is being fired and that it can kill someone when it comes down. They are creating fear, just like a terrorist.

Think about your family, your children. What would you say when they die from someone's celebration? Would you say, "That's OK, they were just celebrating"? Or "They murdered my family"?

Well, if you act like a terrorist, you should be treated as a terrorist. Maybe you can join others like you at Guantánamo Bay.

Robin Weir