Letters to the Editor

About to get worse

While the American public and Congress are intensely focused on the war in Iraq and preventing an expected escalation of that war, there are troubling indicators that the Bush/Cheney administration is more focused on preparing to use military force on Iran than on resolving the Iraq debacle.

Two carrier strike groups (instead of the usual one) are now in the Persian Gulf. Adm. William Fallon, who is well-versed in the use of naval airpower and the use of naval forces to protect oil shipments, has been appointed to command CENTCOM.

CENTCOM's commander has always been an Army or Marine general officer and will be in charge of two land wars -- in Afghanistan and Iraq -- so it is a highly unusual post for a naval officer, but would be very apropos if a strike or war with Iran was in the offing.

There are reports that John Negroponte left the head intelligence post (Director of National Intelligence) because of his refusal to bow to Vice President Cheney's desire to inflate Iran's nuclear weapons progress in the upcoming National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.

Don't like the Iraq war? You're really not going to like the one with Iran.

Leslie Holbrook