Letters to the Editor

Old and new Christians

The words "Global South" in "Faith & Values" [Jan. 6] caught my attention because the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is preparing to affiliate with the Global South. The author states that the Global South churches (African/Asian) are characterized by "a veneration of the Old Testament" and by "moral conservatism."

The Old Testament god with immediate punishment and reward may be an easier sell to a poor, oppressed and brutalized tribal people (the author's description), but most Western Christians who venerate the life, wisdom and teachings of Jesus find much of that "moral conservatism" cruel and unacceptable. As an example, Peter Akinola, the chairman of Global, endorsed a recent law making even the discussion of homosexuality punishable by up to 14 years in prison, and would not support women's efforts to pass a law against female genital mutilation.

I look at the entire Bible as our journey of spiritual discovery culminating in Jesus. The article confirms my observation that there are New Testament Christians and Old Testament Christians; Christians who trust the leadings of the spirit to meet challenges, and those that do not; those who believe in a dynamic faith and those that will not.

Edward Brennan