Letters to the Editor

Serious problem

Is global warming serious? It certainly is; the many changes in the earth's climate can be caused by it. Some of those changes are happening right now: the melting of polar ice, causing oceans to rise with changes in ocean temperatures; more rain, snow and hotter temperatures in some areas; storms have increased in many areas; pandemics will increase. These changes have happened many times in the geologic past, but now man has given a little nudge to them. What can we do?

Require all manufacturers to put engines in cars that give better mileage with less pollution. Sen. Dean Florez is recommending biodiesel for trucks; this is made from vegetable oils and meat fats (however, some nitrogen oxides are produced).

Use more solar power to heat water and even run cars.

Use more electricity, in the home and industry, and replace the use of wood, coal and oil.

Agreements must be made with other polluting countries such as China, India, Russia, Asia and Europe so there is global cooperation.

Man can make a difference, but he must start now before conditions arise that make it impossible to live on this planet with the nitrogen oxides and other pollutants.

Charles Homer