Letters to the Editor

It doesn't hurt

Every day we read about how people in prisons are abused and how they have no rights. It wasn't too many years ago that prisoners lost all their rights for certain crimes. Whatever happened to those laws? It seems to me they made sense to most people.

It's been proven that the majority of criminals that have been released back into society fail to become abiding citizens. Newly released criminals usually tend to repeat their same mistakes.

As to the death penalty: The drug used before administrating the lethal injection is the same drug used for operations in major surgeries. I've had several operations throughout my life. On Sept. 5, 1980, at about 8 p.m., behind Fran's Market, a shotgun blast left me full of lead shot. I still have a hundred or so in me. When they put me back together I didn't feel a thing. Same method, same drugs.

I was there to witness Clarence Ray Allen's execution. From four feet away as he met his great reward, I really didn't think he felt any pain either. So all those people out there without direct experience should practice silence -- it's golden.

Jack Abbott