Letters to the Editor

Fresno rail consolidation isn't worth the effort

In regard to the combining of Burlington Northern Santa Fe rails with the Union Pacific lines, I am curious to know what those who live along the UP lines think, Maybe they would like the Union Pacific lines moved to the BNSF lines!

With all the hubbub about BNSF moving, I figured those who lived along the UP lines might object at doubling the noise and train activity to please those along the BNSF lines.

Did those who bought along the BNSF lines happen to look over the back fence before they signed escrow papers? Did they happen to see those tracks? Didn't they think they might make a wee bit of noise?

Or did they figure they could cry and moan loud enough to get the railroad to move its lines? Whenever I hear the trains rumble through town, I think of the jobs and commerce that our railroads bring to the Valley. The minor inconvenience is well worth the good they bring.

I enjoy listening to the train whistles. It fascinates me that all that metal can actually stay on the track. I say leave them alone.

Mark Johnson