Letters to the Editor

Dowd's liberal rant

The latest outpouring of GOPhobic vitriol from the ravings of Maureen Dowd (Vision Jan. 7) on the funeral of former President Gerald Ford cements her totally partisan leanings.

Ms. Dowd can't seem to connect two verbs about the Republican party without blowing something up. She has all the instincts and goodwill of a roadside bomber, and like those other fanatics, even manages to stay clear of the detonations herself behind the protection of her desk.

Ms. Dowd's total disrespect of all things and people Republican is as disgraceful as is her fawning over all those pure, unsullied liberal Democrats who trumpet the ushering in of a new era of killing unborn children, replacing traditional families with gay marriages and, in general, replacing the God of the universe with humanistic values (ultimate oxymoron?). She is to be pitied as the wannabe standard-bearer for the kind of trash she so liberally heaps on those with whom she disagrees.

Paul Orth