Letters to the Editor

'The scientific consensus'

Casting himself as an objective observer, Ed Forbes (letter Jan. 6) rather cleverly frames two questions to make it appear as if skepticism regarding global warming can still be justified. But what he forgets to explain is that neither the questions or the answers he provides actually contradict one another.

Instead of worrying how to answer the misleading questions of a partisan like Mr. Forbes, citizens should make it their business to know the actual scientific consensus: what the facts are, what should be done.

That's easy to discover. The scientific academies of all the G8 nations (as well as those of Brazil, China and India) have since 2005 endorsed a joint statement on climate change. This document, available on the Internet, urges governments to acknowledge the very real threat posed by climate change and, among other recommendations, to substantially reduce net global greenhouse gas emissions, a major driver of this change.

Since this is, in fact, the scientific consensus, I ask Mr. Forbes if he expects us to believe that highly exclusive and inherently conservative bodies like the Royal Society or the National Academy of Sciences' are "special interest groups"? Please!

Scott Hatfield