Letters to the Editor

Designed to fail

The Children Now report on education, and Editorial Page Editor Jim Boren's response to it [column Jan. 7], were typical pieces of information delivered to the public to continue to pressure teachers, and thus students, to raise test scores. If all anyone ever did to assess another person's knowledge of a subject was to give a multiple-choice test, this country would have been in ruins long ago.

They are not accurate forms of measurement, and are set up so that there has to be a separation of student scores. The tests are created with the expectation that 50% of students will fail. The test makers do this to prove that the test has reliability (which it doesn't) in what it's measuring, and even if there is improvement, the test is then altered with new questions to maintain its statistical results.

Mr. Boren was wise when he suggested that this testing system isn't working and to place hearings as to figure out the best ways to teach our children. I invite all who want to know about how this is negatively affecting kids to come to Hope Lutheran Church at 7 p.m., on Jan. 25 for a panel discussion.

Joe Lucido

Fifth-grade teacher