Letters to the Editor

'Nation's well-being'

Let's all hope that the Democrats understand that they regained control of Congress because most Americans are unhappy with the mess in Iraq, and not because voters want to pay more in taxes, or want a more liberal approach to the illegal immigrant problem, or that Americans want more federal government interference in their lives.

In short, Democrats should not listen to the far-left liberals in the party, but wedge out a place in the middle where the producing members of our society reside.

And let's all hope the Republicans understand that the electorate demand that they cooperate with the Democrats to end American military involvement in Iraq, and that they ignore their far-right members and forge a bloc with all the center-leaning members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation.

And let's all hope, for a change, that both the Democrats and the Republicans can somehow put our nation's well-being ahead of party loyalty.

William W. Baker