Letters to the Editor

What about City College?

As I looked at the picture of the $105 million library project at Fresno State speeding along, I couldn't help but also think of all the wonderful construction projects at the university that have been completed over the past decade or so. I also pondered the gigantic commercial project Dr. John Welty is advocating.

Wow! Money flying everywhere! Then it struck me like a ton of bricks. Fresno City College, an institution that has prepared untold numbers of students for transfer to Fresno State, has scrimped and saved and utilized every conceivable way to raise funds to complete the restoration of the Old Administration Building for badly needed space.

I'm wondering, have the big dreamers and spenders at Fresno State done anything to further this project of necessity at their sister college? Do the deep pockets at Fresno State understand the value of Fresno City College and its off-site centers in developing quality transfer students that feed their own programs? Somebody let me know, and if they are doing their part, then great, I'll shut up. If not, shame on the powers that be at Fresno State for their blind ambition.

Doug Richardson