Letters to the Editor

'Complete meltdown'

Who says it does not pay to discriminate? A court awarded an $11.4 million windfall to the Fresno Unified School District because it paid close to $657,311 to claimants for employment discrimination and the district's insurance carrier would not reimburse it. It appears to me that Fresno Unified is getting rewarded for bad behavior.

It is not fair that in one legal forum, plaintiffs are paid so little to resolve their claims, and that in another the defendants are reimbursed handsomely for their discriminatory practices. I agree that the court should have mandated the insurance carrier to own up to its policy and pay the district the $657,311, but to award it anything above that amount is obscene.

This case shows a complete meltdown in our jurisprudence system, a total lack of integrity by the principles involved. Those truly harmed got a drop in the bucket, a mere pittance. Can somebody direct me to an insurance carrier that covers me for violating state and federal laws?

Jaime R. Hernandez