Letters to the Editor

Pick and choose

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell the police that the speed limit doesn't apply on Clovis Avenue? When your boss reminds you to be at work at 8 a.m., how about telling him "OK, but I'll come in at noon on the days that start with 'T.' "

We all dream about changing the rules, but our president has found a way to do it. More than 750 times the president has changed or nullified a law passed by Congress by attaching a signing statement.

Last December the president appended to "The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act" the assertion that he has the authority to ignore the new law. The year before President Bush declared, via a signing statement, that the law prohibiting U.S. interrogators from any use of torture can be ignored by the president.

I know terrorists are trying to destroy our way of life and we must be ever vigilant, but when our president ignores the laws passed by Congress, doesn't that also harm our way of life?

I'd suggest contacting our representatives and asking them to pass a law prohibiting this abuse of executive power -- but then the president would simply sign that law out of existence, too.

Donna Hankins