Letters to the Editor

'Make it happen'

It wasn't too long ago that Gen. George Casey and Gen. John Abizaid agreed that adding more troops will delay the development of Iraqi forces, provide more U.S. troops as targets for insurgents and increase anger at the U.S. in the Arab world.

Despite the voice of the people demanding an end to the Iraq war, the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group and the advice of his generals, the president is promoting not only "staying the course," but even expanding the war. Even the new Congress is saying that there is not much they can do about it because the president is "commander in chief."

I thought we are supposed to be living in a democracy! If the president has decided to ignore the voice of the people, as clearly expressed at the elections, as well as the advice of his generals, and if Congress is not up to the task, we have one of two choices. We can cry about it and wait two years and then see what happens, or we can get out in the streets and make it happen now.

Philip Traynor