Letters to the Editor

Just desserts

After reading The Bee's editorial about how the Fresno Unified School District should spend its $11.4 million windfall [Jan. 6], I could not agree more.

Teachers, the Fresno Teachers Association and "other organizations" should not look to any one-time money for salaries. Why not? The state of California has already given Fresno Unified an 8% cost-of-living increase for salaries. Fresno Unified employees are not asking for any more than what the state feels the cost of living is. This 8% is not one-time money; it is added this year and every year thereafter.

How much is Fresno Unified willing to give teachers and other Fresno Unified employees as a cost of living? At this time, 6.7% is the offer. Why the difference? Where does the rest of the cost of living money go to? Ask Fresno Unified.

Teachers do not want any windfall money. All we are asking for is what the state has given for the cost of living in California. This windfall money should just make it easier for Fresno Unified to do the right thing. Give all employees 8%, the cost of living in California.

Gary Wynn