Letters to the Editor

'Discredit Jesus' work'

Regardless of our position on the death penalty, Rev. Roger Minassian's letter (Jan. 5) about the merits of Saddam Hussein's hanging lacks consistency and balance, elemental ingredients in the concept of justice vs. revenge that pretends to be imposed.

A preacher of the divine grace revels a judgmental spirit without mercy while conveniently forgetting that this "mass murderer ... in wars without sense" has his faithful accomplices in the American administration and that our wars, economic policies -- embargoes included -- are killing hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, while he and others, who still believe in Manifest Destiny, keep applauding.

If we don't have the honesty or courage to place our country and leadership in the same balance that we demand of other countries and their leaders, our best option is to keep silent. Then, at least, we will not continue to discredit Jesus' work, which without any doubt, would show a different attitude for the tragedies caused by human beings of all creeds and latitudes.

Francisco Duarte

Red Sea Ministries