Letters to the Editor

Which is it?

Either the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, or The Bee is being blatantly hypocritical. The Bee says that we need to protect Bureau of Land Management conservation lands, and I wholeheartedly agree. But The Bee also supports a dam at Temperance Flat, which would bury one jewel of "the hidden treasures of the American West" under water: the San Joaquin River Gorge Recreation Area above Millerton Lake.

The Bee has repeatedly expressed support for a dam without knowing who will get the water, who will pay for it or even if it is possible to build one. And not once have I seen The Bee suggest that another public park be created to replace the current one if a dam is built.

Is The Bee only concerned about protecting natural areas in other places? The Bee has supported creating a parkway along the river below Millerton Lake. Now, however, The Bee is supporting the destruction of a magnificent park that exists above Millerton, and the public will most likely end up paying billions for it.

If The Bee means what it says, it should support the protection and creation of parks right here.

Jim Robbins