Letters to the Editor

Stay or go?

I want our troops pulled out and brought home! It has been more than 61 years since World War II ended and we still have troops in Europe and Asia. Bring them home now!

Oh -- you thought I was talking about our troops in Iraq. If we are not concerned about our troops in Europe and Asia, where between 1945 and 1951 more than 30,000 troops were killed while we were helping rebuild, why be concerned about Iraq?

We know for a fact that Saddam Hussein used mustard gas, a weapon of mass destruction, on the Kurds. We went into Iraq to remove Saddam for several reasons besides weapons of mass destruction. For 12 years he violated U.N. sanctions and murdered tens of thousands of his own people. He has been executed, thus removed. Victory is complete!

Now, do we stay and help rebuild a government with some semblance of liberty and freedom, or do we desert the people of Iraq and the Middle East and allow another tyrannical government to arise in Iraq and suppress the people there?

Jerry Pierini