Letters to the Editor

Discarding the truth

The debate over "global warming" is being driven by special interests on both sides of the debate. Unfortunately, scientific truth is the first item to be discarded when billions of dollars ride on the resulting policy decisions.

The question of the scientific consensus among climate scientists regarding global warming is the most abused. Environmental groups claim that there is a solid consensus among climate scientists in that if you ask these scientists if the earth is warming, are we in the warmest weather seen in close to one thousand years, and is carbon released into the atmosphere a part of the problem, you will get a definite "yes."

If you ask these same climate scientists if the earth regularly goes through climate cycles as the earth is currently in, the current climate cycle is not unusual, and carbon most likely only plays a part, and is not the only part, of the run up of temperature since 1850, and again you get a definite "yes."

It is all on how one defines the question that defines the answer. Mark Twain had it right: "Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

Ed Forbes