Letters to the Editor

Compensate vets

The article "War stress increases heart risk as vets age" [Jan. 2], I found interesting in the sense that Vietnam veterans and Gulf War veterans were omitted from the study. But if these two groups of veterans had been part of the study, the U.S. government would have had to admit that it has exposed these veterans to Agent Orange and other biological agents they shouldn't have been exposed to.

So far, the dishonorable U.S. government still has yet to compensate the Vietnam veterans for their exposure to Agent Orange, and the same goes for the Gulf War veterans.

In April 2005, former "World News Tonight" anchor Bob Woodruff said, "All American veterans of Vietnam have been compensated for their exposure to Agent Orange." Not true at all, and we all know how karma kicked his butt for that lie. ABC has yet to make a retraction and apology to Vietnam veterans for that misstatement.

Arsen K. Apkarian III