Letters to the Editor

'Absolutely essential'

Sabrina Tavernise's analysis (Jan. 1) of the execution of mass murderer Saddam Hussein exhibited nothing but Western journalistic leftist hubris. She criticizes the Iraqi and U.S. governments because the execution of that psychopathic rapist was not "a formal and solemn proceeding carried out by a dispassionate state." Ms. Tavernise describes the hanging as "cruel," "degrading" and "shocking."

Where is she coming from? Did she consider that the Iraqis endured a year of this butcher's foaming curses and diatribes against their trial court, preceded by at least 300,000 being slaughtered and one million dying in senseless wars?

Does she think that by now the persecuted Shiites and Kurds should be singing "Kumbayah" with the death-dealing Sunnis? Is she so arrogant as to insist that the Iraqis do everything the way we would? Muslim democracy will never look like Western democracy. At least the Iraqis did not follow California, where we are so dispassionate that we can't even execute our executions.

The death of Saddam and his two sadistic sons is absolutely essential to any good future for Iraq. Whether Shiites and Sunnis will love their children more than they hate each other will determine if they can reach that future.

Rev. Roger Minassian