Letters to the Editor

Walking away, again

Congratulations to Brian Murray on his letter [Jan. 2] outlining some of his original thoughts. Many of his points ought to be considered. Decades of talking, billions of words, and yet all we seem to have accomplished is to allow petty little lunatics, ethnic minorities and thugs to gain control of countries around the world.

For those who whine that we are inserting ourselves in areas of vast cultural differences, I say just get out of the way. Welcome to the 21st century. We are merely trying to assist in the establishment of a free process where all of the people of a country can have a voice in choosing their leadership, not just some thug, lunatic or well-armed ethnic minority.

The United Nations is an impotent joke, picking its "fights" and turning a blind eye to all of the other infractions and to the debris of the world. It seems to be up to a select few of the nations of the world that are willing to stand up and be the enforcer. Unfortunately, the United States is dangerously close to walking away from an unfinished process, yet again. If we walk away this time, we may never recover.

Jon Alsdorf