Letters to the Editor

Take a stand on Darfur

My hope for the coming year is for my fellow world citizens to take more of a stand against the situation in Darfur, Sudan. What is going on in Darfur is genocide and must be stopped immediately. Yes, genocide as in the Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, the Armenian genocide and the Rwandan genocide.

I hope that in 2007 we stop ignoring the mass murder of innocent people as if it were a headline of the lowest priority. Why has outrage dwindled for what aid workers call one of the world's worst humanitarian crises? Do death tolls of 400,000 over two years not strike the heart of anyone?

We can't expect the authorities to see this as a matter of the utmost importance when people in the United States and globally, appear to be apathetic.

While our anger and concern declines, violence and casualties climb in Darfur. Just this month, attacks forced 400 aid workers to be evacuated, and humanitarian operations have slowed significantly. The way we get the international community to finance the necessary humanitarian response is to let them know that we want them to.

Rachael Scott