Letters to the Editor

'Magic happens'

How nice it was to see one of Fresno's finest nonprofits, Exceptional Parents Unlimited, featured in your paper [Gail Marshall's column Dec. 29]. When the whole world seems worried about wars, homelessness and injustice, we are fortunate to have people like Marion Karian of EPU who are making the world a better place for Fresnans.

I've heard people say many times, after coming through the doors of EPU, "I didn't know this place existed until our child was born with difficulties." Yes, we with our typical children never realize the struggles of our neighbors and friends whose children don't fit in that category.

But after working for this organization the past 10 years, I can say with such pride that magic happens here every day. Kids learn to walk, to talk, to be appreciated for who they are and not what they're not. Thanks to the vision of Marion Karian, Fresno is truly exceptional.

Kelly Cahill