Letters to the Editor

'The debate is over'

I am writing in response to John Boylan [letter Dec. 28] concerning global warming. Mr. Boylan's misconceptions are very common. First of all, it would be helpful to use the correct terminology -- that is, global weather disruption. This more accurate term illustrates that our greenhouse gas problem results in all sorts of unusual changes in weather patterns, not just an overall warming of earth's temperature.

Secondly, Mr. Boylan's observations are very short-sighted. He cites a few recent storms to refute decades of well-documented scientific study, and suggests Al Gore has some explaining to do. But Mr. Gore has already provided a well-reasoned and compelling explanation in his film "An Inconvenient Truth." It is painfully obvious Mr. Boylan didn't see the film.

Someone needs to inform him, and the Bush administration, that the debate is over. Global weather disruption is one of the biggest problem humankind faces, with devastating consequences for our children. I only wonder why the media, including The Bee, decline to report on the subject more fully. Mr. Boylan's letter is a prime example of how sorely such reporting is needed.

Twyla Smith