Letters to the Editor

OK to pretend

I used to think my neighborhood in central Fresno was bad in that sidewalks are inaccessible for the elderly, baby walkers and disabled people. In fact, I mentioned it to Henry R. Perea, who was on the City Council when I first purchased my home in 1997.

I have witnessed people in wheelchairs, on the banks of the canal off McKinley Avenue and on Olive Avenue trying to maneuver between the cars. I drove on saying a prayer for their safety and praying for the politicians to wake up and do their job of protecting people.

But on Dec. 16, while conducting Las Posadas Sin Fronteras, as I was walking with a group of almost 100 on Fresno Street onto Grant, Madison and McKenzie, I witnessed people stumbling on the sidewalks, which are broken up, pushed up, unlevel and just completely trashed and uncared for by the city.

I can only count my blessings that at least the sidewalks in our neighborhood are straight, and pretend that I don't see the wheelchairs on Olive Avenue. After all, I learned how to pretend everything is OK in Fresno because our politicians are good at pretending Fresno is an All-America City.

M. Gloria Hernandez