Letters to the Editor

'Stop the traffic'

I am so sorry to see that The Bee is still publishing the full-page ads using captive chimpanzees (Dec. 24). I read some heartening letters from other readers a few weeks ago and had hoped that The Bee would no longer print these ads.

As long as there is a market for such publicity, these magnificent animals will continue to be exploited. I hope that one of these days, we humans will wake up and realize what we are doing to our closest kin. Chimpanzees belong in the wild (as long as there is still some wild left, but that is another story) or in protected, well-run sanctuaries that take into consideration the intelligence and emotional needs of these endangered animals.

Please help stop the traffic in captive chimpanzees by not buying and publishing these ads and letting the sellers of such ads know the reason why.

Susan Carlisle