Letters to the Editor

Clean city plus smart city adds up to 'good city'

My thanks to Bill McEwen for his column [Dec. 26] and his work on the Fourth Saturday Tower Beautification. His presence was a boost to morale two days before Christmas, picking up trash from curbs and bushes.

And do I think "a clean city is a good city"? Yes, not only for not wading in litter, but more for what it implies, that we are a "thinking city."

And while cleaning what should never have hit the ground, we are thinking about respect for all persons in our fair town, about how we see ourselves and each other. We are thinking about clean air, unpolluted water, health giving food, affordable shelter, fair wages, good education and equal justice. We have a long list to think about while we clean.

So what? So cleaning is a symbol, but admittedly not a substitute for action in all these areas.

That's the big picture I see for our Fresno: Clean, yes, but smart enough to work also for clean air, water, food, shelter and the other makings of a "good city."

Gay Claire Amend


Fourth Saturday Tower Beautification