Letters to the Editor

Arambula's service

I read with regret that Assembly Member Juan Arambula will retire from politics when his current term expires. Having worked closely with him for several years, I know him to be a hard-working man of the highest principles and integrity; an early and continuing advocate for reform of our public school system; a voice of reason and civility on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors; a valued founder and leader of the Regional Jobs Initiative; an engaged and able participant in the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley; a courageous representative for the Valley in Sacramento.

As a Republican, I have not always agreed with him, but never doubted his actions were in what he believed to be the best interests of Valley residents. Because his decisions came from conscience rather than political calculation, he inevitably crossed people on the right and left, including leaders of his party when they insisted he settle for less than the Valley was due.

Leaders with such courage and integrity are hard to come by. We need more of them. And we need Juan to continue to be a public servant, even if the ugliness of politics causes him to shun further office.

Peter E. Weber