Letters to the Editor

Why don't we 'do unto others' all year round?

On Dec. 16, working in a River Park department store, I noticed a man with what appeared to be a shopping list in his hand. I asked if I could be of assistance. He eagerly took me up on my offer.

I walked him through several departments, picking out lovely gifts for a very special and lucky person in his life. He made his purchases and thanked me for my help. I thanked him for being such a pleasure to assist. We said our good-byes and he left to finish his shopping.

A short time later, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. He had returned with a 2-pound box of See's candy for me.

We sometimes hear about the service we receive from certain retailers, but this makes being a part of the retail business very rewarding. It brings to mind the Golden Rule: Do unto others ... . If we could only remember to follow this rule in daily acts of kindness, not just during the Christmas season. I hope this gentleman realizes how much he affected me that day with his giving spirit. What a positive way to end the year and begin a new year!

Patricia Howell