Letters to the Editor

'A worthy cause'

In one of the coldest winters in Fresno history, I hope in the collective consciousness of our city fathers/mothers, someone grows a conscience for the homeless. How anyone with a drop of compassion can sleep at night knowing there are people, male, female, children, who are sleeping outside still leaves me scratching my head.

In the Dec. 27 Bee there's a picture of a woman covering her dog's head lovingly in the rain, a picture of a woman kissing a dog and a picture of a woman with her small child smiling at a dog. Make no mistake, we love our animals.

So why aren't we as concerned about people who need our help?

There are monies earmarked for affordable housing. Anyone ever hear of the Community Development Block Grant?

For the past 10 years Fresno has received $8 million primarily for affordable housing for the poor. For the past 10 years, $1 million of this money has gone to the Fresno Police Department.

Accountability and compassion is all I ask. If you are searching for a worthy cause, join the Fresno Housing Alliance. Bring accountability and respite to people who are just as worthy as anyone reading this letter.

Rebeca Rangel