Letters to the Editor

'A case of greed'

Creek Park Village owners have raised the rents of seniors by $200 a month [story Dec. 26]. Jack Murray, co-owner, said he had no choice, that management needs more money and claims his hands are tied. How much more money does he need? His and his partner's hands were not tied when they secured redevelopment bond loans.

How is it that a taxpayer redevelopment bond that requires some low-income housing to be provided has an expiration date on the low-income housing requirement? The taxpayers and the state supplied the loan to meet a need in the community, but the developers get away with meeting the need temporarily? Their profit margin will last forever, but apparently their commitment to the community does not.

Where is the commitment of Clovis when its representative, Lynn Bawden, who is supposed to be an advocate for seniors, suggests moving out of town? Seniors need to be near families, friends, community and doctors. To suggest the most vulnerable should move away from their support systems is outrageous. How is that supportive of seniors?

Individuals and institutions who justify their unethical behavior because it is legal deserve our wrath. This is a case of greed.

Linda E. Spalding

Creek Park Village