Letters to the Editor

'Original thoughts'

Do people like Ron Kryngel (letter Dec. 29) ever have an original thought? It's the same old rant without substance.

Here are my original thoughts: Withdraw the troops from Iraq. Send 100,000 of them to Iran and Syria after we bomb them back to the sixth century. Then send the remaining 40,000 back into Iraq to train the Iraqi military and clean up any leftover terrorists.

At the same time, nuke portions of North Korea with the intent of damaging their military and nuclear operations, while eliminating the creep that runs the country. There would be substantial loss of life, but nothing compared with the devastation that will occur should we have to deal with these folks in, say, two to three years, when they are even farther down the path they are on. Without Iran and Syria funding and supplying the insurgents, Iraq could gain its footing and become self-sufficient.

Then we could turn our attention toward Russia, which is enabling most of radical Islam to wage terror. Our military and weapons are supposed to be deterrents and should be used as such.These folks who want to kill or threaten us should be eliminated, not talked too.

Brian Murray

Shaver Lake