Letters to the Editor

Street maintenance is penny-wise, pound-foolish

The other morning I had two city employees, one truck, one trailer, one generator and two large concrete-sanding machines in front of my house. They were attacking six cracks in the sidewalks, all of which were less than a quarter-inch high.

I have a very tall, large, beautiful city tree in front of my house which began "self-pruning" this summer, dropping three very large, heavy branches on the sidewalk and in the street. Dozens of calls to the city haven't gotten my tree pruned, even though it's been "on the schedule" most of this year.

But how happy I am to know none of the dozens of dogs walking their owners, kids on bikes, moms and dads and strollers, heart-healthy walkers and everyone else that walks in my neighborhood will not be tripping on those dangerous, less than a quarter-inch cracks in the sidewalk while a large, heavy branch from my tree falls on them.

Ellen E. Blalack