Letters to the Editor

'Won't stop the fighting'

Were fear and threats of weapons of mass destruction used to scare the majority into hastily voting for war because businesses contracted by the U.S. government to rebuild what war destroyed, provide food, pharmaceuticals and fuel could reap huge profits?

Until the American people demand accountability, they may never know why a war was started without:

Clear and precise military intent and an exit strategy.

Ample soldiers, adequate and updated protective armor and equipment.

A highly competent leader.

In the meantime, 3,000 Iraqi men, women and innocent children die each month, and the people of Iraq may have lost the only opportunity they had to become a free and democratic society. Close to 3,000 American soldiers have been killed and 22,000 injured since the war began.

"Staying the course" to train and support Iraq's army and increasing military forces won't stop the fighting. And many more will lose their lives, while those responsible for starting what has become a brutal and insoluble war only lose the confidence of the American and Iraqi people.

Lena Garcia