Letters to the Editor

'Screwed up' system

Maria Elena Salinas' column [Dec. 27] about immigration and the senator's wife provided a real sample and real facts.

That's what's necessary for U.S. citizens to know what to tell their representatives. We need working, useful, immigration reform.

Few realize how screwed up our immigration system is. It's really impossible for average Mexicans or other Latin Americans to immigrate, since quotas are set up against non-Europeans and non-Caucasians, and procedures require a huge amount of knowledge, time and money. The only people who can get visas are those who have those things, or political connections. Since Sascha Herrera married a Georgia state senator, she has the possibility of navigating the laws successfully -- but what about others? Who can help them?

When my ancestors fled Ireland in the 1800s, none of these laws existed. Anyone who was reasonably healthy and could pay to get here, or who bonded themselves over as a servant to the rich, was allowed to enter. I advise U.S. legislators to look into their own family history -- any visas anywhere?

Readers interested in reading about the real immigration problems of ordinary people can go online to "Bender's Immigration Bulletin" at http://<a href="http://www.bibdaily.com">www.bibdaily.com</a>.

M.F. Johnson


Fresno County Main Library

Readers Services Librarian

San Carlos