Letters to the Editor

Rude neighbors add to our noxious Valley air

I have several rude neighbors who believe it's fine to burn fire wood continuously from September through March, no matter how bad the air quality is.

They assure themselves that they're saving money somehow, after all the ridiculous work it takes to keep the fire burning, using excuses such as I'm saving money, to heck with the tree huggers, it's romantic, and of course, "fire good," the main two words these people can string together.

Some of my neighbors actually brag about burning more while the air quality indicator is in the red, which is unhealthy for all of us, not just the health sensitive.

I can only hope that one day these people can look through their irritated red eyes at their dirty, sap-stained, splinter-infested, pyro-instinctive hands and say maybe it's time just to click the heater on. Now I call that evolution.

I enjoy a fire myself, but not on the days and nights when my children, friends and family are struggling with our over-particulated air.

Sean Walker