Letters to the Editor

The wrong war

I have read in the last several months in papers that in the Tulare County area we have a meth problem. If so, why is it we continue to put thousands of dollars into the suppression and abatement of marijuana?

I don't approve of either, but I find it interesting that we, the people, put more dollars into something that has so much wrong information on its influences on the user. Some say that if you smoke pot it's a stepping stone to the use of harder narcotics like meth. It's just like the big tobacco business said for years. We get so much misinformation, it's really so confusing.

If you believe the government, then pot is a drug that makes people act wildly and raise heck with others, when in fact it's a drug that causes one to relax and fall asleep. Meth, on the other hand, really does make you kind of crazy, according to Johns Hopkins University.

So why don't we put those dollars into something that really needs controlling, like meth? Why not have a war on meth, heroin, cocaine and such?

John Epperson