Letters to the Editor

'Makes better sense'

Matt McIntyre's tirade [letter Dec. 26] about Bono's attempt to engage American politicians really misses the mark. Bono is not asking for financial contributions for "political causes." Bono's causes funnel money to organizations that are not part of a country's political system, even though they may need that system to operate.

Many people like Bono, Oprah and Bill Gates have determined that going directly to where the need lies and leaving politics out of it makes better sense. Even President Bush would like to see tax dollars go directly to organizations instead of through government bureaucracies.

I don't think it matters what some political leaders have done to "profit" from corruption. What matters is how people of good faith and their elected leaders are going to respond to those in need. Our country likes to wave the "Christian" banner high on issues of morality, but we seem to lower it and shrink away from "Christian" morality when it comes to helping the poor and sick. Thank God for people like Bono, Oprah, Bill Gates and Rick Warren, who use their celebrity and influence to try to get the rest of us to truly do God's work.

Sara Savary