Letters to the Editor

'Put the brakes on'

If tribal members at Table Mountain truly gave the $10 million "out of their hearts," then why is Fresno State President John Welty asking the trustees of the California State University system for permission to name the four-story tower that will anchor the library's new north wing for Table Mountain, when the tribe is actually made up of members of the Mono-Chukchansi Indian tribe? Could it be that it would be advertising their competitors?

How is using the $10 million to "decorate the north wing with American Indian-inspired architecture and furnishings" going to improve educational opportunities for all students in central California?

Since California is home to a million or more problem gamblers (one out of every 26 adult residents), why is an esteemed educational institution doing anything to promote a stigmatized activity? Why has it been said that their managers consider slot players to be "suckers?" Who are the Indian tribes accountable to?

According to the Bible, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Since it was ultimately the people who gave them their mandate, it will be a more honorable Legislature that will help put the brakes on this destructive growth industry.

James Moore