Letters to the Editor

'Totally outraged'

I am totally outraged with our state justice system and the U.S. Supreme Court in regard to crime and punishment.

The families of murderers, drug lords, bums, panhandlers, thugs and white-collar gangs who run the streets of Los Angeles and more than 90% of the state of California take their self-centered pride and spirit to the U.S. Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court to have lethal injection ruled cruel and unusual punishment.

The family members of the innocent humans who were taken in by these people grieve every day and every night that a loved one in their family is dead from this dirty, filthy, rotten, lousy crime of murder.

These families who lost a loved one who was murdered deserve justice. This recent court ruling shows no consideration at all for the families of lost loved ones who were murdered by animals with no consideration for human life.

Those who are on death row deserve to die for committing this filthy, rotten, sick crime of murder.

What does the judge who ruled that lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment know about human life?

John McCullough