Letters to the Editor

'A lot to ask'

I agree with Jess Sanchez Barroso's letter (Dec. 26) on the costs and dangers to others associated with rescue efforts for those attempting hazardous adventures to satisfy personal goals.

As an outing leader for more than 20 years, I know good preparation and planning is key to success or even survival in any competition with nature. Weather forecasts indicated stormy weather [on Mt. Hood] about that time. Although that increases the thrill, rescheduling would reduce the gamble element.

Having reached the summit, a better descent plan would be a least hazardous route, although slower, considering the then-bad weather and injured member. A faster, riskier route, where many others have died, was a bad choice considering the adverse wind and visibility.

Good maps, portable GPS locators, well-charged cell phones and thermal protection would have provided help for themselves and rescuers. Others have survived longer under such conditions, even on the same mountain. The grief and loss to relatives and even the public is a lot to ask for such risky adventures.

Don Redmond