Letters to the Editor

Support for the arts

Bravo to The Bee for bringing to your readers' attention the importance of public funding for the arts in California (editorial Dec. 19).

According to the Creative Industries Report 2006 by the Americans for the Arts, the Fresno region is home to 1,274 arts-related businesses that employ 4,597 people, many of whom received their training and experience from nonprofit arts organizations.

The California Arts Council has a long history of making an indispensable contribution to our state's social and economic life by creating partnerships between schools and artists, giving organizational support to nonprofit arts organizations, bringing performers and artists to isolated rural regions and underserved urban areas and partnerships with other state agencies providing social services to Californians.

California is entering its third fiscal year of spending three cents per capita from the state's general fund for the arts through the California Arts Council.

A greater investment in the arts by the state would build greater communities. There are 37 million reasons in California to fund the arts, including more than 900,000 in the Fresno region.

Lisa Caretto


California Arts Advocates