Letters to the Editor

'Kings of education'

Let's hope the recent court decision regarding AB 1381, the legislation that gave the mayor of Los Angeles and a council of mayors some control over the Los Angeles Unified School District, sends a message to our legislators and mayor of Fresno.

The judge ruled the legislation unconstitutional because the state constitution says "no school or college or any other part of the Public School System shall be directly or indirectly transferred from the Public School System or placed under the jurisdiction of any authority other than one included within the Public School System."

The court recognized the mayors are not part of the public school system or "officers of the public school system." The judge also ruled AB 1381 violates the rights of voters in L.A. Unified.

Clearly, the mayor of Los Angeles wants to be governor, and this was a grandstand move to assist him in that effort. It's unfortunate that some of our legislators bought into a political scheme to assist him in his efforts. Let's send a message to our legislators that we as taxpayers would prefer our elected officials not spend their time and our money in assisting local mayors becoming "kings of education."

Lloyd Wamhof