Letters to the Editor

'Too gentle an action'

To say that it is near impossible for me to comprehend the mindset of people who still insist that President Bush is right to insist that we invaded Iraq for the right reasons (even though those reasons have changed repeatedly) is somewhat of an understatement.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff disagree with President Bush. The generals leading our armed forces disagree with him. The average grunt on the ground in Iraq (despite the many photo ops and sound bites created by President Bush and Karl Rove) disagrees with him. Even the talking heads on FoxNews are beginning to use words like "delusional" and "isolated."

The Los Angeles Times conducted a survey recently in which almost 80% of those questioned disagreed with President Bush's assessment. The Baker Report disagrees. Colin Powell disagrees. Voters on Nov. 7 disagreed. Only the lunatic fringe over on the right continues to agree and call for the arrest of those who don't.

Wake up, folks. Impeachment is too gentle an action to undertake with this "Sybil."

Joel Dyer