Letters to the Editor

Our greatest natural energy resource is the sun

Let us harness the sun -- free, limitless, available without cost of renewal or maintenance. The San Joaquin Valley is the perfect place for this source of energy.

Currently we use natural gas, hydroelectric, nuclear and, minimally, some other sources of energy. These have unique drawbacks that solar power does not have.

With our ample year-round sunshine, we can have solar panels to bring heat to our homes and commercial buildings and sun porches built to trap the warm sunlight and distribute it to the rest of the house.

These simple innovations can drastically reduce our dependence of foreign oil, dams destroying our rivers and, heaven forbid, the construction of a nuclear power plant in Fresno, this second most polluted area in the United States.

Let's use our natural resource -- the bright and beautiful and warm sun.

Bob D. Mugrdechian Sr.