Letters to the Editor

'On its own terms'

Let me add one more voice to the two letters ("Bible is very clear" and "Biblical authority") [Dec. 21]:

The entire text of "Bible is clear" (in its opposition to homosexuality) would work equally well substituting slavery for homosexuality and approval for disapproval. Didn't the apostle Paul tell Onesimus to "return to your master and be a good slave?" So, the Bible is clear: Slavery is just fine.

Then "Biblical authority" claims the issue of homosexuality is clearly forbidden in Hebrew scriptures but overridden by Christian principles, especially by Jesus who sided with societal outcasts. So is her "Biblical authority" better than his?

With a half-million verses to sort out, it should surprise no one that our local directory lists 108 denominations, most of which claim "Biblical authority." That doesn't bother me, since I attend the one true church, but I pity those other 107 deluded denominations.

Isn't there another legitimate way to defend or condemn ethical and moral choices? Perhaps slavery is wrong in spite of what the Bible says about it. Murder is wrong whether the Bible condemns it or not. And if homosexuality is wrong or right, it should be condemned or defended on its own terms.

Wayland Jackson