Letters to the Editor

'We seem to forget'

Keith Ellison has proved that the American dream is alive by being the first Muslim elected to Congress. I am disturbed by those who agree with talk-show host Denis Prager's call to deny him his seat because he will not be using a Bible during a private swearing in ceremony.

Mr. Prager's followers include a Republican House member as well as those who send Mr. Ellison death threats. We seem to forget that the Nazis convinced Germany, a Christian nation, to deny Jews their places in government. Ironically, President Bush appointed Mr. Prager to the Holocaust Memorial Board because he was a "unique moral choice."

Wouldn't it be better if we could forget labels like "Christian" or "Muslim," "conservative" or "liberal" and just judge people according to their character? Tom Delay and President Bush loudly proclaim their religion, yet both men have proved to be unethical and incompetent. If Mr. Ellison fails to do his job, then the voters will do theirs in two years.

Curtis T. Wilson