Letters to the Editor

Save Mart Center marquee doesn't help much

I want to thank California State University, Fresno for a way-past-due marquee at the Save Mart Center. But it's so small that until you are right on top of it, you can't read it. Also, the information is displayed and gone before a speed reader could grasp what's on the sign.

But it has helped me add one more multi-tasking ability. As I travel down Shaw Avenue doing my best to watch for the other guy and be safe, as well as talking to someone on my cell phone, as well as petting my dog, Sassy, as well as trying to carry on a conversation with my wife, I now get to practice my speed reading as I pass the Save Mart Center marquee. Way too much stuff with way too much color.

Just do as Sgt. Joe Friday would always say: "Just the facts."

Also, I would like to say thank you in advance to Fresno State and the city of Clovis for allowing me more quality time with my wife as I sit at the stop light on Sylmar Avenue attempting to enter Barstow Avenue. With the new project next to Save Mart and the one-lane road Clovis chose to have on Barstow, giving as much space for bikes as cars, I will burn lots of gas at the stoplight. I'm looking forward to all the traffic.

Jack Wheeler