Letters to the Editor

Costly rescue efforts

A point of clarification concerning the lost Mount Hood climbers in Oregon, albeit, I'm not an expert at search and rescue and don't pretend to know much about mountain climbing: I'd like to bring to the forefront an issue of cost to the public for the supposedly well-planned jaunt by the lost climbers. Not withstanding the tremendous tragedy if these climbers have perished, several points that don't add up as the story has unfolded.

The sister of one of the climbers insisted her fiancée and brother were up to snuff and well-oiled climbers. She was lauding the professionalism of these men. How, then, can they have gotten slammed by this storm unexpectedly if planning is the big issue?

In no cruel sense, I recommend, closer to home in California, that these serious climbers or those on a lark be required to post an insurance policy, say a half-million dollars, or bond to cover the expense of recovery when it is laid squarely on the backs of the public just because we have some adventurism at hand. These are resources badly needed for those not as irresponsible as this lot.

Jess "Consafos" Sanchez Barroso